What happens to my Tech item(s) once you receive it?

Once we receive your order, the package will undergo a brief visual inspection. It is then sent to our Tech quality assessment team who will check the item for physical damage and then test the general functionality according to the condition you selected.

If accepted, your payment will be processed at the original price.?

If, however, our Tech quality assessment team find the phone to be in a different condition to that stated then we will offer a revised price. We will be in contact with you immediately in order to find out how you would like to proceed from there.

What do/don’t you accept?

We accept only those items that we have mentioned on our site.

For a full list of terms and conditions relating to orders containing Tech items, please check out the following link: /terms-conditions

Some of my items are in a poor condition, will you still accept them?

This depends on the item you’re selling. If your Tech item is in poor condition, let us know and we’ll still accept it. It’s different for Media items – we can only accept these in good condition. Not sure what we mean? Check our terms and conditions for more information.

What is the minimum/maximum number of items I can send to you?

We accept a range of order sizes, starting at a single item and going up to 500 items! Please note your order needs to be over Rs 1000 in value.

I have a scratched game that has stopped working, what can I do?

We Do not currently Buy games which are scratched.



How does it work if i am in Bangalore?


We would pick up the product at your doorstep if you are in Bangalore.


How does it work if i am out of Bangalore?


Outside Bangalore we do not have our own delivery team. Hence we will arrange for a pick up and on the receipt you will get the payment.